Medical Capabilities

Each rotor wing aircraft is staffed with a Pilot, Flight Nurse, and Flight Paramedic.

Each CCT (Critical Care Transport) ambulance is staffed with a Nurse, Paramedic, and EMT driver.

Each Specialty Care ALS ambulance is staffed with a Paramedic and EMT.


Clinical procedures include, but are not limited to:

Rapid Sequence Intubation

Ventilator Setup and Management

Surgical and Needle Cricothyrotomy

Needle and finger thoracostomy

Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Management and air transport

Impella heart pump management and air transport

Blood administration

Intraosseous access placement

Fetal Heart Tones monitoring during air transport


We are in many respects a mobile ICU and trauma bay. We carry many lifesaving medications and devices. We are proud to partner with the University Hospitals’ Blood Bank and fly with 2 units of O-Negative blood on each aircraft. Other equipment includes transport ventilators, IV pumps, and each air and CCT base is equipped with an intra-aortic balloon pump.

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